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At WUSF, we believe in the power of trustworthy information and education to bridge divides and foster understanding. Our mission extends beyond traditional news outlets as we aspire to touch your life in a unique way, reminding you of the profound value of connection and the celebration of our local culture and stories. Just as NPR has been a trusted companion to millions, WUSF proudly serves as your local NPR station, delivering the same powerful experiences and memorable "driveway moments" that truly matter.

Part of our core mission is to showcase the rich tapestry of Florida's diverse communities, proving that the Greater Tampa Bay Region is anything but homogenous. Through our various offerings, we shed light on the meaningful and captivating stories that surround us, inviting listeners and the world to experience the vibrant community that thrives here.

With the constant bombardment of narratives that divide, disenchanted feelings can often take hold. However, WUSF is here to remind you of a deeper truth—a more hopeful truth that can be found here in our home. We are your trusted companion, providing constant narratives that unite, uplift, and inspire.

Our new brand takes all of these factors in mind. Each color has a distinctive feeling. The words “home, place, and story” were some of the most commonly stated in our audience interviews and the survey, and were reflected in our design.

The shape used in our new logo was designed thoughtfully. The disc is an island of hope, a safe sphere, a connected community indicating that WUSF is a place; a place that exists in the shared minds of our listeners. The spherical edges welcome you to our community and it's a destination you're invited to visit over and over again. The shape evokes the feeling of motion, momentum, and the evolution of our brand throughout the past 60 years. And it illustrates our local reach over the airwaves. Every city and town in our area is important and represented.

As you see our brand out in the community, you will notice us co-branding with the NPR logo. WUSF is YOUR home for NPR, and that was clear in the survey results you provided. Public Media is a crucial service to our community; we’re proud to be the organization that brings it to you and we want to ensure access and availability to everyone. Making it clear to the community where they can find the trusted, non-biased journalism that WUSF & NPR is known for was a logical choice.

WUSF is more than just a trusted news source. We are the people’s voice, the human connection, the culture curator, the information that comes to you with usefulness and action. Our brands like Classical WSMR provide our community respite, culture, and relaxation. Arts Axis Florida connects you to the rich and spirited arts and music scene that many of us moved here for. Health News Florida allows you to stay informed about topics that may impact you and your family’s health. And it doesn’t stop there. Check out more of our podcasts, live Jazz & Classical performances and programming.