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Three-day notice: Tampa Bay's growing eviction crisis

More renters are facing eviction in the greater Tampa Bay region than ever before. Experts credit this trend to rising housing costs and laws that have weakened tenant protections. In this series, WUSF's Gabriella Paul documents the particular challenges four renters face as they fight for their homes.
Eviction sign on a door
Vyacheslav Dumchev/Getty Images

Part 1: Finding housing after eviction

 A Black man with long hair and a beard stands in a yellow shirt in front of a crosswalk.
In part one of our series, we meet Bill Eason in Clearwater. Like many people who have been evicted, he was homeless for several months before finding a new place to rent.

Part 2: Informal eviction

 A woman poses defiantly in front of the apartment building where she used to be a renter. She wears a butterfly clip in her hair, which has bright pink highlights.
Renters can lose their homes in a swift, often untracked, process that transpires outside of the courtroom. Wendy Castro in St. Petersburg tells us her story.

Part 3: The price of fighting an eviction

A woman in a gray dress stands outside of the courthouse.
Experts say the cost of fighting eviction can be just as damaging as an eviction itself. In part three, we follow Tonda Tyson as she challenges her eviction from Tampa public housing.

Part 4: Eviction and mobile home parks

A woman in a colorful shirt and glasses stands outside of a courthouse with a somber expression.
When mobile home owners face eviction, they can lose their homes and possessions. We join Janie DeCoil in Dade City on the day of her court hearing.